Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Should Belle Watch "The Watchmen"?

Pros: I really like graphic novels and comics, and I like Alan Moore's work. This is the movie I've been looking forward to.

Cons: Bad reviews. Really bad reviews (Anthony Lane doesn't like anything, but when he accuses a movie of misogyny, then...). Directed by Zack Snyder, who did the fatuous (but since I hadn't read the comic novel, at the time I saw it entertaining) 300. Almost gratuitously violent, and I don't like gratuitous violence. Like, I really don't like it and I am incapable of maintaining disbelief and so visual depictions of violence, even if fake, really bug me. I like enough to make a point, but all the reviews predict that I will do that annoying thing I do and grip TD's arm and bury my head in his shoulder at the grisly parts (say the rape scene, or the cleaver scene).

If the movie is good enough, I will try to stomach the violence and see a comic book ruined.

What say you all? Did any of you see the movie yet? What did you think?