Tuesday, November 11, 2008

live-blogging NonDescript 11/11

And good morning, and welcome to another week in which Belle sits in her rocking chair screaming at these dad-burned kids today and that noise that they call music. Ahhh, Ensure.

Show feed.


Artist | Song | Album
Astronautalis | Oceanwalk | You And Yer Good Ideas
Beirut | A Sunday Smile | The Flying Club Cup
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings | I Just Dropped In to See What Condition My Condition Is In | Daptone 7 Inch Singles Collection Vol. 2
Blitzen Trapper | God & Suicide | Furr
Hot Snakes | Our Work Fills the Pew’s | Automatic Midnight
Say Hi To Your Mom | A Hit In Sweden | Numbers & Mumbles
We Start Fires | Trouble | We Start Fires
The Minders | Savour All the Days | It’s a Bright Guilty World
The Golden Dogs | Elevator Man | Everything In 3 Parts
The Mabuses | Seasider | Mabused
Tom Waits | Goodnight Irene | Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards
Spectaculars | Anti-Hectic | Have You Heard Things?
My Robot Friend | You’re Out Of The Computer | Hot Action!
Tubeway Army | Crazies | Replicas
The Teeth | Ball of The Dead Rat | You’re My Lover Now
Zen Guerrilla | Empty Heart | Positronic Raygun
Tom Lehrer | It Makes A Fellow Proud To Be A Soldier | An Evening Wasted With…

Intro song: I dig this song by Astronautalis, even if it has a whiff of the pompous. I don't know why, but it does.

#1: I love Beirut. The Journalist first gave me their music, but it took Bryan's putting "Nantes" on some show a while back for me to really start listening to them. Loved them ever since. Ironically this is a song that TD professes to hate for being "dirge-like." He even started operatically going "ohhh ahhh ohhh ahhh" to the tune to exaggerate the effect. Like, whev. This is why we only listen to NPR or old white dude classic rock in the car together. Because he grew up white, he claims to have heard every Rolling Stone/The Who/Led Zepplin song hundreds of times, while I will perk up with a "ooooh, what is that song?!" and make him play CCR and Tom Petty like I had never heard "Bad Moon Rising" before.

#2: Hot damn this is a great version of "I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in"--better than Kenny Rogers! Sharon Jones, you one funky woman.

#3: "Blizten Trapper" sounds like a two-headed reindeer. I am predisposed to like a song called "God and Suicide" anyway (I am a bad person), but this is a very catchy song that I like much. So far, 3 for 3.

#4: "Hot Snakes" sounds like a great Southwestern dish. I really like this song.

Bryan, your dulcet tones do soothe me. You should read out loud my text books. Maybe then I wouldn't fall asleep and whap my head with a book. Wait a minute, if they are soothing, then of course I would fall asleep. Nevermind! Do not read my books out loud to me!

#5: This is Say Hi To Your Mom? Dang, couldn't recognize it. Catchy. Did you make this playlist just for me? 5 for 5.

#6: We Start Fires is a good band name, but We Start Forest Fires would be even better. Hooray for girl rock! Bryan, you gotta get more ladies representin'. 6 for 6.

#7: The Minders: Oooh, they remind me of the '70s. I like this band. Chill but funky. 7 for 7.

#8: The Golden Dogs: I like this song, whereas in past weeks I have derided bands for "having too much going on." In this case I really like the mix of tempos, instruments, voices, harmonies. Also I like the lyrics. They should write odes to all sorts of mundane tasks, like "Going to the Drycleaners."

#9: Mabuses: I can't help but think "mah buses" in a Southern twang, but who has a bus, or for that matter, multiple buses? I like this song. Happy, if unchallenging, with the repetitive chords and lyrics. Then again, who am I to talk, having been really happy to hear a song by that '90s band "Everclear" last weekend. I would live in a house by the seaside.

#10: I adamantly maintain that any man who does not like Tom Waits is immediately suspect and on my "do not date" list. However, I have not asked TD if he likes Tom Waits. Ignorance, bliss, etc. Likely, he would say that he sometimes sounds like Krusty the Klown at 80, an assessment I would agree with, but still find awesome. The lyrics, they are so tender.

#11: Spectaculars: I like this song a lot! I want to buy their music! I like that chorus part best.

#12: I don't love My Robot Friend, but I don't hate them. I put the song "Walking Jewish" on a mixtape for TD. Wasn't there a bunch of robot stuff last week? You like robots, Bryan. What's up with that.

#13: Tubeway Army: I wonder if all current bands fronted by former '80s band members end up sounding like '80s revival music. Like, which came first, etc. Anyway, I love this song.

#14: The Teeth: I cannot begin to recount the ways in which I love this song. I can't explain why I love it either. It just makes me happy. Perhaps this is not unlike explaining why you love someone.

#15: Zen Guerilla: this sounds like old white dude rock, and I mean that in a good way. Is this freedom rock? Well, turn it up, man!

And that does it for me. Good show! I liked everything! This is almost disappointing, as I was hoping for more jovial bloodshed on Law and Letters. Well, if we can't hate each other, and we can't even hate each other's music, I suppose we will have to settle for hating everyone else. Seek comity, and you shall achieve it. It is not unlike when I am drunk, which makes me very fun, happy, and agreeable. When I am drunk, I agree with everybody!

PS: Dude, didn't you just have a fund raising drive? Seems to me like someone is taking two bites at the apple. You should have a fun-raising drive!