Wednesday, March 19, 2008


As everyone by know nows, this "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" movie is coming out soon.

If you want to be really, really angry, watch the absurd, idiotic trailer. It's a paranoid conspiracy flick written by Ben Stein, claiming that something called "big science" is suppressing scientists who question Darwin. The conspiracy also includes "the media, the courts, the educational system, everyone's in on it." Even the trailer is full of misrepresentations of science (describing the theory of evolution as claiming that we come from "lightning and mud" is my favorite). The trailer also includes attacks on, not only Dawkins and Dennett, but even Philip Pettit! PETTIT! I saw a talk by him last year. He's easily the mildest-mannered brilliant philosopher I've ever seen in action. That's an outrage.

Stein also says you'll lose your friends and jobs if you watch the movie. Also, they reveal the real motives behind their movie on this page:

"Now's your chance to tell your own EXPELLED story. If your beliefs have been challenged or you've been ridiculed in front of your peers...Time to Speak Out! WIN an opportunity for your story to be told in the EXPELLED motion picture!"

That's right kids. Having your beliefs challenged -- in academia no less -- constitutes oppression.

Well, we don't need to stand for this. FACT: those of us that accept evolution are, on the whole, much smarter, better educated, more open-minded, etc., than those who do not. THEREFORE: we're much more likely to be able to write and produce a decent movie. SO LET'S WRITE ONE. The best answer to bad speech is counterspeech.

I'm serious about this. Let's make a pro-evolution movie.

I will coordinate (at least initially, until I find someone with more time to step up to the plate). Here's what you need to do if you want to get involved. In the comments to this post, say what you're willing and able to do (e.g. write, make use of contacts you have in the film industry, contribute some kind of technical skill or equipment, contribute money, etc.). Also, sign up for this announcement-only yahoogroup so I can contact you: evolvemovie. If you are also on facebook, you should join the facebook group for this project.

If enough interest to actually make this thing happen appears, I'll put together an organization, a wiki, get writers together, HOPEFULLY find someone else to take over the organizational work eventually (because I'm a busy grad student), and so forth. But I'm willing to get the ball rolling. This needs to happen, people.