Tuesday, February 24, 2009

throwing in the (kitchen) towel

Augh! And I haven't even made it yet! One of TD's requested desserts is something called "Black Forest Cake." I have never eaten such a thing and did not know it existed. I mean, I have eaten black forest ham (delicious). But not cake.

I'm a pretty decent baker, but I am terrible at cake decoration. I just don't spread things smoothly and don't have an eye for that thing. And I don't have any piping bags or decorative tips. And I'm not big on frosting. So I tend to bake simple things: cookies, frosting-free cakes and cupcakes, bar cookies, pies (with my own pastry crust, of course). Nothing fancy. I certainly don't bake tall layer cakes.

So, I am ready to throw in the towel with the very idea of this cake. Check out this four-part article series on the cake! I had to call B.W. just to make sure I was getting the right kind of cherries--and I still have to make a compote (and a ganache, and a cake, and a mousse). I'm still missing the kirsch, because I hate buying liquor (which is expensive) and never using it again. Maybe I can get an aiport sized bottle at the liqour store. This had better be worth the effort! I think I am going to go with a deconstructed Black Forest cake though, because I am lazy and a failure of a woman.

Usually I don't let complicated-ness or time-intensivity stand in the way of food, but I have to say, fancy layer cakes (especially those that require a fondant) are a pain in the butt. Maybe one day I will make a proper fancy layer cake.

Any white whale recipes out there for you? One day, just one day, I will make a layer cake.