Tuesday, February 17, 2009

random roundup

1. This makes me want to link to every Jones Day lawyer in America, except that I'm risk averse and don't want to be sued.

2. What it takes to be a liberal. I qualify!

3. Does this mean that I can't say "I drink my Haterade" anymore?

4. NYT discovers that college students have a sense of entitlement about grades, study finds that students correlate effort exerted with grade deserved. Clearly they haven't yet attended law school or some more rigorous university.

5. I have a Twitter account and occasionally micro-blog links, status updates, seek advice or give my 21 friends responses, but I remain unconvinced that Twitter is the wave of the future. It, like Facebook, is just pretty much no more than a time suck, and I think that most of what it does (get you an answer within 15 seconds, according to the article) can be done through Googling, emailing, or calling someone. I mean, please, David Pogue. Get a grip.