Wednesday, February 25, 2009

random reviews of things

I'm trying to reduce my levels consumption, but here are things I have particularly enjoyed:

  • My second (or third) time reading it, Pfeffer and Salancik's The External Control of Organizations remains awesome, useful, and so clearly written. It's super interesting and readable.
  • Trader Joe's fruit roll ups (or fruit leather, or dried fruit strips or whatever) are pretty tasty. Thick and dense, not unlike the dried fruit jerky you can buy at Indian grocery shops, and therefore far superior to that thin, cellophane-like fruit roll up of yesteryear. I like mango and passionfruit. At $0.49-59 per unit (some have extra fiber), I think that's a little pricey, but it's a good snack to tide one over on the walk back from the store.
  • The Lysol Conair steam mop isn't bad for the price, and I didn't want to use disposable Swiffers. Actually, I hate those. It beats scrubbing on my hands and knees, and it cleans with steam and/or all purpose cleanser. It has a swively head and can go around objects and into corners. But it's hard to push around and you have to wait for the water and steam to come out, and I'd recommend washing out the little cloth it comes with after each room. Otherwise, I don't see the point of how it gets things clean.
  • I like shell-shaped pasta more than any other pasta shape, just because it's fun to eat and holds more pesto or bechemel in its little inner chamber than penne.
  • Pantene "Always Smooth" works better than Pantene "Classic Care."
  • I like to use potato bread hamburger buns when making sandwiches to bring to campus, because they don't get all soggy like sandwich bread and stand up to the weight of my leftover fillings (lamb burgers, roast chicken/beef, etc.).