Monday, January 05, 2009

she & him

Karl introduced me to this awesome band, which consists of my girlcrush Zoeey Deschanel (I loved her in All the Real Girls...and probably no other movie) and M. Ward, chill indie dude singer.

Don't you just love the upbeat '60s sound and Mary Tyler Moore-ishness? I am somewhat tempted to cut bangs, but I am more lazy than I am stylish (high maintenance = not Belle), and moreover I am not an indie rock girl (see also Jenny Lewis, Cat Power, Leslie Feist, etc.)

In other news, I learn that "svarta vinbar" means "currants", not "lingon berries." Kind of an acquired taste, a little tangy and vaguely medicinal. Not going to make hamantaschen with this jar. I will stick to raspberry and peach jam.