Monday, January 12, 2009

random roundup

My right hand still hurts, but I am improving by using my mouse with my left hand and typing like one of those people who can't touch type in the way the typing class in 7th grade taught us with your index fingers on the "F" and "J" and as if pecking the board didn't look stupid.

1. Rita has a plausible conspiracy theory about the New York Times and its Life and Styles section.

2. Relatedly, The Atlantic is the very first magazine to predict the untimely demise of the NYT.

3. TD and I started playing this board game this weekend. It is pretty fun! But yes, I'm looking up strategies so that I can totally dominate. I need to work on my trash-talking though.

4. We really like that 30 Rock show.

5. Great article on breast-feeding, work/life, and other fronts of the so-called "mommy wars."