Friday, December 12, 2008

when life gives you lemons....

I bought a craptastic Samsung ML-2510 laser printer from Best Buy in March 2007. It continually fails to draw paper through its wheel thing to print. It is so not 12 pages per minute! It is such a lemon. Do I buy another printer? Seriously?!

The only benefit is that by twittering my printer-cidal thoughts, I have managed to amuse myself by thinking up "yo printer" jokes like:

It jams so much, Phish is jealous and people are wondering if the Grateful Dead are touring again. It is so jam-happy, peanut butter is drawn to it. It sucks so hard, it's like opening the cargo bay door in Star Trek. It is so bad, Michael Jackson says "ok, you win" before moonwalking away in defeat.

Ok, so I'm not that funny. But I have papers to print out! WTF! Grrrr!