Sunday, December 14, 2008

this was my evening

We went out for a carne asada burrito the size of a child's leg ($5.95), chicken quesadillas with an obscene amount of guacamole and sour cream on the side ($6.95) and white fish ceviche tostada ($3.75) and 2 pints worth of strawberry agua fresca ($1.50). Oh and a Diet Coke for him. Over dinner we started talking about innovation and trend predictions and the history of the world and how solutions can be developed to solve both existing problems future projected conditions. Somehow we got to talking about economic/labor migration and what/where was going to be the next big immigration. We started talking about push/pull factors for immigration. The table next to us looked at us funny.

When we got home, and as I got settled back into my only moderately interesting stuff I'm writing, he decided that we had to run a regression/conjoint analysis of our previous discussion. So we came up with a short list of combination push/pull factors such as economic, political stability, educational opportunity, culture, political/civil rights, and something called "natural disasters". Our model isn't rigorous, and sort of controls for too much, and is way under theorized. I'm waiting for him to finish so that we can run the regression on which variables we weight more under which conditions, and whether we would prefer to live with zero income with no chance of education in a chaos-filled dictatorship where natural disasters occur every year, or you know, something different.

This will not be an important study. But it's something to do other than work, or say watching a Top Chef marathon.