Saturday, December 13, 2008

cantaloupe island

TD totally rocked the sax solo on this tonight. He also rocked singing backup on this song.

I am a total groupie. The band was really good! Everyone had talent and great stage presence, and they were all dressed to coordinate. They were the best part of the evening.

I still can't be one of "those girls" though. You know, the girls in the front row gyrating and flinging their arms about and almost pole dancing with the extra microphone stand and getting on stage and freaking their particular musician. I took lots of pictures and whooped and catcalled and nodded my head to the music and swayed a bit, was all. I also did the appropriate bit of looking like the hot date and chatting pleasantly with the coworkers. But you know, please. I have a little bit of dignity, and my hems aren't high enough. Not on purpose, though. Dang, short women have a hard time finding mini skirts. But no level of drunkenness can induce me to do sexy dances, and since I was drinking Diet Coke, there wasn't any chance of me doing any more than singing along to "Santaria."