Monday, December 15, 2008

call for recipes for french oven

TD got me a Le Creuset french oven (5 qt, in chestnut, isn't it rustic and pretty) for the holidays. I know that this'll be good for braised dishes (braised short ribs, brisket, pot roast, beef bourguignon, lamb shanks, etc.) and stews. Also, apparently chili and gumbo. Some people seem to use it for casseroles, although I prefer my Le Creuset enameled stoneware for that.

Any other suggestions for things to cook and ways to cook them or cooking tips for my new pot of awesomeness?

Supposedly you have to slowly bring it to heat, is that right? I wish I had gas burners. I am excited about it's stovetop-to-oven function. Also that it's pretty enough to go right on the table. Of course, my table is wood. A fabric pot holder is probably not enough to protect the table, right?