Monday, November 03, 2008

stomach, knots, twisted

This is your open thread for all things election.

Me? Great weekend, and much food was eaten, but now I want to throw up.

Vote For Change
is great. My polling place is 75 feet away, or 2 seconds. I'm going to wake up super early and get there before 7 am, with my sample ballot filled out (it is an exhausting process in my state, as there are a number of dumbass propositions every year). And then I'm going back to bed with my books all around me and my computer off so that I will not obsessively check 538 and ignore all media until 6 pm, when I go to this old speakeasy movie theater downtown to watch the election results come in with TD and a few hundred people. It will be mostly anonymous and yet hopefully (hope! not hubris, people!) festive. The last election, I huddled in my little room at the converted-sorority-boarding house next to the law school and wept alone, because misery hates company.

Well, at least I plan to vote early and then go see election results, but I can't actually promise I'll stay media free.