Tuesday, November 11, 2008

state of the belle

1. Very confused about schemas vs. frames vs. narratives vs. group styles. Like, what the fuck is the difference. Damn you sociologists for finding one phenomenon and giving it five names.

2. Very stoked about finally getting to the judicial review part of admin law! Srsly.

3. Writing, and unable to decide whether to go easy student-edited law review route or potentially peer-reviewed social science journal route. Unless I can miraculously do empirical something or the other, likely the former, or at least until I write an annual review type essay. I'm finally getting how to do that sort of thing, because I am finding a field of literature that I want to review and sum up in a coherent way, at least as it relates to my particular research interests. I know it seems late in the game, but I'm finally zeroing in on what I want to research (apparently, "employment discrimination" is rather broad), how I want to research it (it ain't just theory), what methodology I will use (sadly, not much quant), and the precise question I am asking (I think it's actually interesting!). Which is actually better than the extant literature!

4. Why? Because I'm in less contact with my adviser, and when left to my own devices, will tend to read and write and think independently and seek advice from other corners of the university, namely the sociology department and the organizational behavior department at the business school.

5. Speaking of business school, I like hanging out at the colloquiums there, because the facilities are nicer and no one knows who I am and I don't really belong, so I can hang out and soak up the scene. Yes, I sort of sound like a high class intellectual whore. New, interesting research I would never be exposed to because it's in a different field. So, so awesome.

6. I don't blog enough anymore. I feel uninspired when I try to come up with independent blog posts, and I don't read enough anymore in the media to find blog-worthy topics. It seems boring to blog about that Eliason article I just read. But I find the epistolary blogging experiment at Amber's to provoke me into writing inspiration. I need to get her over here so that I can keep up my readership. I have blog guilt, which makes me feel sad.

7. On the other hand, I feel awesome because I have been cooking a lot, and TD takes a little tupperware to work, and I feel even more awesome for providing him food throughout the day. Where does this strange nurturing instinct come from? Of course, would be silly to think that my feminism and independence are diluted by my nurturing of others. Y'all should see me with kids. Anyway, TD is gone this week for work, I'm bad at cooking and eating for one (always have been, even if I did cook--I'd cook one thing and eat it for a week), and so I'm eating leftovers and cereal.

8. I feel exhausted because I am not getting much sleep, because I really want to read and write and make spring submission deadlines so that I can apply concurrently for jobs, clerkships, and fellowships in an effort to stave off the terror that is the potential "hiring freeze." In any case, knowing that most of my friends are in the same boat makes me not want to whine about this much (much less talk about it, such are my stress levels, so do not ask), and TD's support in the eventuality of any of the above occuring make me feel better. I always thought that being single and having maximum flexibility would make it easier, but actually, having a partner willing to go along with whatever happens (which would mean going with you or agreeing to do long distance for a while) is even better.

9. Know what also makes me feel better? Knitting. See also, cooking. And cleaning. And walking a lot. These things aren't doing work, but I've been cutting down my blog reading. This, of course, doesn't mean YOUR blog.

10. Know what makes you feel almost the best? Going away for a fun and romantic weekend! The last couple of weekends have been either rained out or work-heavy, so this will be the one weekend of respite before the onslaught of work slaughter, holidays, etc. Gotta get back to work in the meantime though.