Thursday, November 20, 2008

scientists: 1, anti-scientists: 0

(Thanks to KJH, caption: "Seen outside a Walgeeens. Maybe the owner was filling a scrip for some
antibiotics. ")

Well, I'm on the mend because of awesome antibiotics. I am very grateful for antibiotics. I do not abuse them and use as directed for the entire length of the prescription, but as a frequent sufferer of strep throat and other yucky bacteria-caused things (this is what happens when you're a sickly child who grows up to work in daycare in college and be a de facto au pair to your nephews and nieces), I am very grateful. I wonder how anti-scientist, anti-evolution people deal with medical problems. I mean, my mom uses Chinese herbal medicine, but whenever I get sick she makes sure I go to the Western doctors and get "real" treatment. But she will steadfastly maintain that nothing helps her with her chronic arthritis so much as the noxious steeping of weird stinky herbs. Maybe she just thinks of our sicknesses as different, because she also goes to Western doctors for other ailments--it's only when they can't cure something chronic, like pain, that she resorts to the herbal stuff. I suppose I can buy that. But I really wonder how anti-science people get around their use of modern medicine, knowing that their doctors believe in that hokey evolution stuff, given that the medicine or treatments they are taking are based on that hullabaloo scientific method crap rather than faith. Hmmm.

On side effect that will not be mollified by either science or faith, if I had it, is the attendant nausea that comes with antibiotics though. Sigh. But between excruciating pain and pervasive nausea, I'd rather not be in pain, so I suppose that we can still grant victory to the scientists even though their product is not perfect.