Thursday, November 20, 2008

Guilty confessions.

I have some confessions to make.

1. I now have a backlog of two cooking posts, and I've promised Belle that I'll post them, but I'm completely unmotivated to do so. Perhaps I'll cook something tonight, and, by doing so, become motivated to post all *three* cooking posts that will then be backlogged?

2. I like Katy Perry. How can you not like this woman? She's like Britney, but, you know, talented. And some of her music has kind of an 80's feel. Like this song:

Admittedly, it also has an overprocessed Britney feel. But there's a definite 80's undercurrent, and I am nothing if not a musical child of the 80's.

3. I also like Ladytron, and for similar 80's-throwback reasons.

This song:

never fails to remind me of an ex-girlfriend, who would unceasingly go on about how much of a badass she was when she was 17, and lament those lost days. (She was 20 at the time. Given that I was somewhat older, this was more than a little surreal.)

4. I *also* like Human, by the Killers, for, yes, further 80's nostalgia reasons. The vocals in that song are pure new wave. I miss new wave. I miss new wave terribly.

Sometimes, however, bands do a bait and switch. I bought an entire Shiny Toy Guns album on the strength of the 80's-ish sound of Le Disko, only to find that the rest is, well, utter crap. So sad.

But the video for Le Disko makes up for it. (Damn, it looks like youtube has caught on to the formerly easy way to hack around their embedding restrictions. Well, here's a link anyway. I *like* this video.)