Saturday, November 22, 2008

do you have a dog in this fight?

I wrote a post about education and intellectualism here. I was trying to roll up my sleeves and get dirty, but I am just too nice and believe too much in civility and collegiality. I wonder if there will one day be a war between intellectuals and anti-intellectuals, although what else were the last eight years?

After Thanksgiving, the lovely Amber Taylor of Prettier Than Napoleon and I will switch venues and continue our epistolary blogging on Law and Letters, so that this blog actually has content again. Amber is one of my BFFs, and, prepare yourself, a small-l libertarian. We are the cutest odd couple in the blogosphere. Oh yes we are! Please greet her warmly, with insightful, sharp commentary and puppies. Our first exchange will probably center around a do-it-yourself women's studies program for busy folk with day jobs, so keep an eye out for interesting syllabi and reading suggestions for me.