Monday, November 10, 2008

Cooking posts coming, I promise. But for now, some race posts!

I have two more cooking posts backlogged... I'll write them soon. Honest.

But while you're waiting, if anyone is interested in the debate about blaming black people for proposition 8, I have two posts on it at Uncommon Priors, arguing basically that even if there's a relationship between blackness and voting for proposition 8, the correct causal attribution is to the oppression that black people have suffered. 1. Correlation is not causation, OR: there are no racial essences, for fuck’s sake. A political fable. 2. Fallacies of racial causation.

I think this is a really important discussion, and I'm trying to spread it all over the internet. It's time to put a stop to the unreflective assertion that prop. 8 is the fault of black folks.

There's also a discussion of this going on in my facebook -- anyone may feel free to search for me (there aren't many Paul Gowders on facebook), friend me, and then participate in that locus of discussion.