Tuesday, October 21, 2008

you people all look alike

This kid
reminds me of Rick Astley (who has the deepest voice and the dorkiest dance moves). I like the song (actually, both songs), because I am a sucker for earnest pop, but I don't predict a long career for him when he gets older and still looks that young. See, e.g., Fred Savage. See also, Wil Wheaton. See, arguably, Leonardo DiCaprio. I am so not looking forward to the movie version of the great Revolutionary Road. He's a good actor, but he always looks too young to me, and Kate Winslet has such a mature, soft loveliness.

Wow, I just looked the kid up.* He's the same age as my nephew, and they look kind of alike. Except that my nephew is Vietnamese and wears glasses. Ok, they still look exactly alike. Yup, weird. I have turned into that skeezy woman in her late 20s who listens to young boys and watches them dance.

*I still have not connected my TV and so do not watch network programming and have not since 2006. Apparently he was on American Idol.