Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wherein Paul is Crafty (also cheap and lazy)

I was adrift in a sea of Halloween costume possibilities for this year, until my brilliant friend Lilit suggested that I go as a pothead by the simple expedient of putting a pot on my head. As this seemed like the ideal lazy and cheap person's costume (meta-perfect, since stoners are lazy!), of course I decided to go with it.

But I have to snazz things up a little bit. Hence, I bought glitter-glue and a soldiering iron with a knife tip.


Step 1. Eyeholes. Potheads do tend to run into things, but I'd prefer not to be quite that authentic. Problem: How to cut holes in a pot?

Fortunately, I anticipated this and bought a plastic pot (since ceramic or metal would have required heavy equipment).

First try: use a regular knife. Not very successful. I can get a good stab in, but not a cut:

Fine. Time to break out the badassness.

A few toxic fumes never killed anyone!

For all of you who have heard my infamous chemistry lab story, you should realize how much of an achievement this is. I used heat. To work with plastic. Without dying or setting anything on fire!!!!

Praise me, damnit.

Lovely symmetric eyeholes achieved.

Step 2: it's not obvious that "pothead" is really what's being communicated here, as opposed to just "idiot in a lame-o mask." Solution? Paint marijuana leaves all over!

In the paint aisle, my head was hopelessly turned by the glitter glue, so...

Unfortunately, I can neither draw or paint. But these sort of look like the ganj, right?

There. Cheap and easy halloween costume for lazy bastard who likes to play with soldering irons.

I'll probably pair it with a Che shirt tomorrow, unless I can find tie-dye without any further nasty old effort. That seems about right. And some stained jeans. Yeah.