Tuesday, October 28, 2008

where i've been

Working, not dealing with a backlog of emails and more work, and spending time with TD. Also, Amber's blog.

I went to my first outdoor concert festival this weekend. It was everything I ever wanted from my first time. Magical, tender, and transcendent. I was occasionally moved to tears, and my body came alive and swayed rhythmically as my head bobbed solemnly. I hate people who dance to show off at concerts. Of course, like with other firsts, while I'm glad I got to see artists I love with people I love, really, I shouldn't have waited this long.

Brief thoughts:

1) Josh Groban sucks ass. I mean, truly awful.
2) Wilco is the best American band, ever.
3) Norah Jones is so amazing live that she absolves my faux-hip guilt over liking chill-Starbucks-swill and now I am totally in love again. Seriously. Oh, whatever you haterz.
4) Death Cab for Cutie is amazing live, and I so prefer this project over The Postal Service.
5) I don't like Smashing Pumpkins all that much, and when they duet with Josh Groban on the one song I do like, I actually hate them.