Sunday, October 19, 2008

weekend report

Not bad. The food I made turned out really well, and there was dim sum, a science museum, and burritos, and then a lot of lounging about and reading and working. In my head, science museums are a bit bigger and more impressive, but that's because I watched movies with gigantic replicas of tyrannosaur bones and in which you could see the glass-encased progression of evolution from monkey to man. This one was a little smaller in scale (I think it was some kind of -raptor, but then again everything I know about dinosaurs I learned from Jurassic Park), had lots of fish, an indoor forest thing, lots of (good) proselytizing about the impending global meltdown, and it was brand new and still impressive. But II suppose I am too old now to have first experiences the same way I would have at the age of 10. Wait until I go to the zoo for the first time ever! Sigh.

In other news, I don't understand knitting pattern instructions (despite knowing how to do basic knitting and purling), and so I keep re-making the same scarf. I suck. I have no idea what they're telling me to do, so unless I have Amber sitting next to me showing me how to do something with my own fingers, no clue what the instructions say. I suppose it is not unlike cooking, and not knowing the meaning of "whisk" or "julienne."