Sunday, September 28, 2008

weekend report

What a great weekend. I don't have classes on Friday, and he took his Blackberry on the road and phoned it in (literally, as we had to pull over while he participated in a conference call). I found ingenious ways to pre-prepare and pack jambalaya and a gateau de crepes for his birthday dinner, and our one-room cottage was cozy and comfortable, with a little iron stove and a tiny kitchenette that reminded me of my 300 sq. ft. studio days. Except that my studio wasn't in the middle of a farmstead. We heard cows and roosters from our window. We were in the middle of nowhere though, so we didn't have any TV reception with which to watch the debates--so we tried to watch them online (we did have wireless internet), but the buffering kept stalling the transmission. So we found a stereo in the cottage and listened to the debates old school, FDR-style, in bed with a crackling fire.

Much delicious cheese was eaten, as well as full-fat ice cream from a local fatty, minimally pasteurized creamery. Yum. And lots of pate and fresh bread. We did a little hiking, or rather walking, but for the most part took it easy (and we can usually do an 8-10 mile hike) and slept a lot and ate a lot. And we watched a bunch of episodes from Season 1 of The Wire. I dig that show. The first episode was very confusing, but is so very interesting to not be able to identify good and evil clearly, much less who's on the right side of justice.

Unrelatedly, I want to bake this.