Tuesday, September 16, 2008

veronica mars

I liked Season 1. I kept thinking it was set in Newport Beach, when clearly it must have been some suburb in San Diego, and then I realized that no one outside of Southern California would have been able to tell the difference. I liked the snappy, plucky heroine and her pariah status among the rich spoiled brats who once called her their own.

Anyway, should I watch Season 2? Is it worth it? Or should I just devote my Netflix queue to The Wire? We watched the first episode and liked it, so we're thinking that's the next series to watch. Between The Wire and Mad Men (which I get through Itunes), that's more than enough media per week in that hour between dinner and bed time. But I do like Veronica. If the series slips in quality after the first season though, perhaps it's best to just let it finish with a bang for me. In many ways Buffy could have ended at many points, or simply skipped seasons. Too many moments of jumping sharks.