Wednesday, September 24, 2008

not the response he was looking for, but how do you respond to that?

The butcher shop is totally a place to get hit on, if one were into that. One of the guys is still quite attentive, although he hasn't stepped it up from asking me what I'm doing this weekend, to which, I presume, one could do more than reply "brunch and laundry." I buy a fair amount of food in pairs though, as well as whole chickens and 4 lb roasts no single woman of my size could want to eat for a whole week (or more). This time it was from another customer, who told me, as I was peering anxiously through the glass trying to decide between lamb chops or salmon (both on sale! my goal of each "fancy" meal costing roughly $5-7 per person, including the side dishes usually works!), that "it is a pure pleasure watching you walk, and I mean that."

I burst out laughing, and then responded to "#34!" and ordered my two salmon fillets and the fixins' for jambalaya. It is fun to say "Andouille."