Tuesday, September 09, 2008

murphy's law or whatever

Time stamp of Fed Ex delivery guy's arrival: 2:26 pm.

Time stamp of the dropping of my new refurbished under warranty Motorola v3 Razr on my hardwood floors: 2:47 pm.

Also, I put in my sim card from my old phone. Why is it not loading my phone book? Hmm. I suspect that I stored my phone numbers in my old phone without copying them to my sim card, and now I have to re-enter everyone's phone number. Phooey.

Interesting thought experiment: how many phone numbers do you have memorized, and whose are they? So far, I've got my parents' home phone, TD's mobile (this is what happens when you get the voicemail message a lot), my sister's work phone, and one of my friend's home phone numbers that I've been calling since high school. This mobile culture means the death of memory--without my cell phone, I've got a decent emergency contact list in my head, and that's more than most people have memorized.