Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I have found that I am better at making mixes for others than for myself, even an emotion centered mix (dude, I'm sorry your grandmother died; mazel tov on your baby, etc.). Road trip mixes notwithstanding, when I try to make a mix for myself, it ends up being extremely emo and too narrowly single-genre. I also tend to over-articulate the wrong emotion, so instead of cheering myself up, I just fucking wallow until even Elliot Smith would rise from the dead and pat my back with a "there, there, there." Apparently, mixes, like poetry, cakes, and love, should be made for other people.

Also, how much do I love Bryan D. Brown's radio show? It's like getting a new mix in my podcast box every week. I should write a post on how much I love and yet hate the twee hipster intellegentsia bands from Harvard, like Bishop Allen and Chester French.