Monday, September 29, 2008

jeremy thinks it's the end of the world. do you?

My post-apocalyptic skills are as bad as Jeremy's. So, what do I do, knit my way out of this financial crisis? Bake cookies and hope that they can be exchanged for penicillin?

I was talking to TD about the financial crisis, and all I know is that the House rejected the proposal, thus fulfilling it's part of the bicameralism-and-presentment part of the whole Constitutional structure, but that the bill will probably be amended and adjusted and voted on again with the same mandatory Constitutional process, however long that takes while the economy goes further down the tanker. He told me what it meant in economic terms. It's pretty bad. It's not breadlines-resurrect-FDR-bad, but it's pretty bad, and he works in finance so he probably knows what he's talking about. The market plunged, people's housing values are falling, and people's pensions and 401Ks are in danger.

But he says that we'll probably get through this, that things could be worse, and that they're not that bad for us, and it's not like we're trying to get big loans and large lines of credit anytime soon, and I have no money in the stock market anyway. That soothes me somewhat, as well as a recounting of all of our blessings (health, each other, for him gainful employment, for me another two years of grown-up-life-avoidance, as for once it is a good time to be in grad school). So, mollified domestic statutory law scholar that I am, I am reading vehemently non-economic sociology of culture and administrative law, and knitting and looking at a recipe for challah. Buck up, Jeremy. You can always join my knitting-and-baking compound. When mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, the laws of men won't matter anyway, nor their ways. We can build forts together!