Thursday, September 18, 2008

i need to connect my TV

Last night we went to a benefit thing for our local public broadcasting system, which introduced a lot of new programming for both the radio and the local public television. We went because his company is helping them with their "Green Initiative," and because it's fun to eat appetizers and mill around gold sponsor watching (a lot of scarves) and watch an hour of previews.

The programs look great! I especially am interested in a documentary of Lincoln's assassination, one on global warming, and Masterpiece Theatre. There's a new cooking show by Jacques Pepin that looks good, too. There's actually more programs than I can remember, but I am definitely avoiding the one by Deepak Chopra and the opera version of Amy Tan's "The Bonesetter's Daughter." Ugh.

Anyway, if you need to go digital, here's a coupon. I think my Toshiba 20" TV-with-built-in-DVD has built-in digital (there's a sticker that says "Dolby Digital," and another one that says "DTS digital out"), but I have yet to connect my TV here. How does one connect a TV to a signal? I use my TV to watch DVDs, as ever since I moved out of student housing with the free cable (my brother connected my TV to the cable receiver, which I can't find here because I don't subscribe to cable), I haven't watched network programming. So it will be exciting to watch PBS again, especially during the debates and the election. I must resist the impulse to watch crappy shows on syndication.