Tuesday, September 09, 2008

hobbies by referendum

All those in favor of me taking drop-in social dance classes from the Liberal College Ballroom Dancing Club at school and then blogging about it, say aye.

I am way too swamped with work, classes, work, classes, but I am still committed to having hobbies. Which is irrational because I have friends and a relationship and much to divert me already. I should feel guiltier, but I need outlets for creative and physical energy that are not computer-based (yes, I mean you, beloved blog). I have decided that my hobbies are volunteering to teach kids how to read good (it's very fun, and not just reading--history, math, science, you name it) on Friday afternoons, knitting whenever I remember to, running a couple times a week, baking, and now, ballroom dancing! Not the sexy dances, because there's no swish in my hips or hitch in my gitalong, and so I think I look lame at salsa or tango. But there's swing dancing (East and West) and waltz, which means at least a few Thursday evenings in October, I'll be dancing.