Friday, September 19, 2008

friday non-blogging

I dig this song. Video is a little creepy with all of those dismembered legs and gyrating bodies though. Like what is this, a Fifty Cent video? But you try to find a non-objectifying music video. I blame the patriarchy. Actually I have no idea what this video is supposed to mean. Or the song. Ok, this is off the list for TD's birthday mix tape.

I'm trying to knock out all the reading for Monday today. This is not working out well.

Last night's pork roast was ok. Bacon-wrapped thick-cut pork medallions is far superior to marinated pork tenderloin roast. Sauteed corn with scallions is pretty awesome though, and I think my lemon bars will probably go over well at the office. It was kind of ironic to watch last week's Mad Men after this flurry of domesticity, but I sort of came up with an idea for a possible article on regulation and alternative energy while juicing the lemons, so, you know, more power to me.