Saturday, September 06, 2008


LebowskiFest was pretty fun. We saw a fake Hasidic Jew beach blanket bingo band, a Muppet song cover band (they have abandoned the standards popular when TD was in the band in favor of the more esoteric grammatical picks, much to TD's horror), and the most awesome burlesque punk marching band. The guy who inspired the character of The Dude (the movie's, not mine) was also there, and very dude-like. The club was extremely packed, very hot and TD was a little sick and really travel weary, so we didn't stick around for the movie, alas. Tonight we're probably going to miss the bowling festival, which is apparently something epic and life-changing, because he's still sick, I'm making bacon-wrapped pork medallions, sweet potato fries and lemon pudding cake and there's an episode of Mad Men to watch.