Saturday, August 23, 2008

weekend update

1. My 826 interview was more of an intake + 2 hour training session along with 50 other people. Exciting! On any given day, up to 50 students show up, and 20-30 volunteers. I like that there's such a classroom/community feel to the project, that so many people are involved, and that so many students. I have volunteered to help tutor in the after-school homework help part (3 hours/week), and am considering doing the in-school book project on creative writing (2 hours/week). I'd like to be useful, so I'm going to do both at first to see which one is better for my skill set. The other volunteers are incredibly smart, creative, nice people. I am quite happy that I am going to do this, and will feel more useful and helpful than when I was a packing fairy for GrrlQuest.

2. I suck at tennis. I even suck at Wii tennis. Wii Belle has all the hand-eye coordination and timing of Real Life Belle, which is to say, not much. I am also really bad at Wii Rock Band--no sense of timing, can't drum or strum to save my life. It's like playing Simon or Dance Dance Revolution, both of which I suck at. I'd never played Wii before. Hell, I haven't played a video game since 1985. I have to say--really, really fun. I especially like Wii bowling.

3. Trader Joe's frozen puff pastry is really thick, even after you roll it out. Not recommended for making your own napoleons. My pastry cream was very good though, so I ended up making a fruit tart. Next time, phyllo dough.