Sunday, August 31, 2008

weekend report

A good holiday weekend. Dinner party yesterday with TD, and today with Wolfman and the Philosophical Fox. I baked bittersweet chocolate korova cookies, awesome lasagna, roasted 5 lbs of pork (adobo style with cumin, coriander, and oregano) and am preparing to pan fry sweet potatoes with a secret spice mixture and make lemon pudding cake. My company is delightful, and we have eaten our weight in food (the good news is that even combined, it's not that much) and knitted a lot while watching Oz. Much yarn was bought. I even got "aspirational yarn," for future projects when my knitting technique (a great post-apocalyptic skill) improves. There was the requisite perusal of the drug store beauty aisle, a fun throwback to the girls we might have been in high school if we weren't the literary club nerds we still are. We even left the comfiness of my small-yet-tasteful apartment and ventured into The City (!) for a little museuming and electronic gadget buying. I did not partake of the latter, although I did touch the iPhone of wonder. My fingers are long and slim, but I tend to paw gracelessly at the touch screen and hit the wrong letters. This has helped to abate my techno-lust.

I also read a bunch of articles on post-modernism and the social sciences while she worked on a brief. Bah. Social constructivism all the way, man.