Tuesday, August 19, 2008

tuesday ignorance: things I don't get

1. Bayes's Theorem.

2. Bubble hems. Also, leggings. Also, those ankle bootie things.

3. I get the appeal of Lacan and Deleuze, but not Zizek. Maybe I just don't get Zizek. Actually, probably.

4. Modern arguments for originalism. Hmm.

5. Why it takes so long to mail things from coast-to-coast now that we're no longer in the Pony Express era. A week?! Seriously?!

6. I don't get Twitter. Also, I don't get why people I don't know personally follow me on Twitter. How did they find me? Why do they care? My posts are infrequent, boring, and usually nonsensical. I keep forgetting that I have an account. I will probably forget to stop tweeting altogether one day. Much like how I forget about Facebook and the "status update" function, until I remember that that's how some people contact me and log in and find all these messages and wall posts. Dudes, there's email.