Monday, August 11, 2008

just like twitter

Brief thoughts:

1. It took me 20 minutes to realize that sound coming from outside are cricket chirps. I am such a city girl. Either that, or I have been blasting the Leona Lewis a little too loudly, now that Buffy is over. I suppose I could have been twittering this, except that as soon as I thought it I realized it was lame and not worth repeating to anyone else. Ahem.

2. If I don't read your blog, it's because you haven't signed up with Atom/Feedburner and you are not RSS-able on my iGoogle homepage and that's the only way I read blogs. Not personal. On the other hand, isn't it no longer necessary to sign up to broadcast feeds? I don't get why I can't add Ferule & Fescue or Four-Eyed Gremlin to my homepage. I come late to most non-legal blogs, btw.

3. I signed up for Twitter, but I am bored with it after 10 posts. Except for a life-and-death moment a week and a half ago, I haven't been struck with anything that I felt compelled to share with the world. I have the same problem with my Facebook or Google chat updates, which are always the same thing (reading, writing, writhing in pain), links of interest, and rarely changed. I am somewhat amused by the mundane tweets of certain bloggy friends, though. It is comforting to know about someone else's dinner plans. Weird, but nice. This might be a good way to long-distance couples or couples with children to stay connected, except that a certain person thinks that Twitter is the "lamest idea in the world" (lamer than Facebook, Myspace, Digg, in keeping with his general disdain for web 2.0 stuff)and if he wouldn't care about my hourly status changes, who else would? Amber is also perplexed by this.