Friday, August 29, 2008

in a tizzy

Political, of course, between the speech last night (electrifying!), the announcement today (terrifying!), but also because I'm trying to get my house in order for a visiting friend.

Tip: do not accidentally break yet another $0.50 Ikea Pokal glass, leaving you with only seven out of a set of eight (which actually used to be a set of ten), because the glass shatters in tiny shards that you end up picking up two days later with packaging tape (hint from Heloise). This might not make your guest feel welcome. Perhaps I should get glasses that bounce when you drop them. Do they make those?

Second tip: lasagna and korova cookies can be prepared a day ahead and popped into the oven whenever you're ready, so that the bulk of the day can be spent buying yarn and books.

Third tip: If you are taking a very complicated subject in law school, it helps to outline as you go, if you are the outliner type. Try to synthesize the concepts as you go, even as concepts build on each other. There are links between the doctrines; find them.