Tuesday, August 19, 2008

good ideas in theory

In theory, combining cardio + commute is a great idea. Thanks to the 3 lb. laptop, I am not carrying too much weight and it's a comfortable walk. Of course, it's 3 miles, and while I'm as fit as a banjo, I tend to get lost in thought and caught up with RadioLab (great show! makes me excited about science!) or distracted by store fronts. I could probably cut it down to 45 minutes if I walked faster and with greater concentration, but it takes me about 50, 55 minutes to get to school comfortably (but briskly, nonetheless) in order to have enough time to sit down, wipe the sweat from my brow (probably the yuckiest byproduct), and start up the laptop for class. So, I have to leave about an hour before my class. Then again, by bus I had to leave 45 minutes before, to make sure I caught the bus and in case there were many/long stops along the way. So, I suppose I'll try to walk as much as I can, even if it relegates me to sneakers and jeans rather than my Mad Men-inspired fashion fantasies. On the one hand, health. On the other hand, fashion. I, being quite sensible, will probably choose the former on non B-school days.

In theory, a class on labor law would be up my alley. Except when class is spent reading sections of a union constitution. Out loud. For 3 hours. Totally not useful for the dissertation. Pass.

In theory, reading a book on writing would be good for a writer's block. Bird by Bird has helped many a dissertating student. And yet, this is not making me feel that much better. It is very entertaining though, and the writing is lovely. If I could write that, maybe it would go faster. Maybe it would just go. At least better than writing a chapter or a footnote. Gah.

In theory, insisting that quality time can mean sharing dog-sitting duties is supportive, kind, and flexible. In reality, that means leaving at 10:30 pm to fall asleep in another bed with a 14 year old dog in between you two, so that the arthritic dog (who once fell into the pool, nearly drowning) does not fall off the bed with a thunk! like last time.