Thursday, August 28, 2008

busy and envious

It's been an insane week hopping around stealing syllabi and meeting with profs and trying to figure out research.

Taking a class and dropping in on a colloquium series at the business school always makes me envious of their superior facilities and catering (although their students always come to our cafeteria, oddly). Their school resembles a ski chalet from the outside, but inside is all wood paneling and newness and airiness. Reminds me of my old law school, which was lovely and comfortable. My current law school appears to be under construction until the next decade (not joking), and they have removed the lockers and relocated all of the offices and there's the persistent dusty smell of drywall and I couldn't find financial aid (who get back to me two weeks after my pressing question) even if I wanted to. It sort of grates to go to such a great school with such a great faculty in such terrible facilities.