Thursday, August 21, 2008

Advise Me Which Phone To Buy ASAP

Help! I am going to buy a new phone tomorrow. I have a Motorola Razr from AT&T. I got it, according to my gmail record in which I asked everyone for their phone number again, in September 2007. It is DYING. The battery life is two hours, and it spontaneously turns off mid-sentence, after I've clicked "accept call," or whenever it wants to. I'll charge it, and two hours later, it'll be dead. This is a relatively recent problem. While the battery life has never been great, it was always at least a couple of days. It was less than my old crappy Samsung flip phone (that was free with service), but then I accidentally drop kicked Sam Sung and had to get a new phone, and I thought I was upgrading.

I don't get internet on my phone, I don't use PDA functions, but I do like that camera function though. And I do text on occasion. Do not recommend an iPhone or Blackberry. Any recommendations for a brand/model of AT&T phone with a decent (hopefully good) battery life that is small, functional, and can take pictures? I tend to like flip phones over bar phones, so that I can click "ignore" and don't have to worry about locking the key pad or accidentally calling someone.


BTW: Of course I googled for help from the internets, but they keep recommending iPhones or Blackberries. I don't want to pay for an extra internet service/month, and so the two recommended models are not appropriate for my simple needs, when all I want is a simple phone that doesn't die.