Tuesday, August 19, 2008

adobe reader troubles

I do a fair amount of reading on Adobe Acrobat Reader. For some reason, the interface looks all new and different and way less useful. I can't select and highlight text. I press Ctrl + F and there's a "find" toolbar, and yet when I type in a word I can see clearly on my screen, it says that it is unable to find a single incidence of that word in all 52 pages. A word like "jurisdiction," in a section about jurisdiction, in a paragraph that probably mentions the word at least 15 times. WTF.

Is this a feature rather than a bug? I installed all of the updates. Do I have to pay for some fancier version of Adobe that actually has useful features and the ability to find words? This just sucks beyond the possibility of ultimate suckage.

Is this just me, or are you having similar problems with Adobe?