Thursday, July 31, 2008

twitter tweet tweet

They're twittering the American Sociological Association annual meeting. I never, ever understood Twitter--it seems enough narcissism to presume that anyone would care what I think about, do, and eat on a daily digest basis (and they don't, which is why I tend to put up reflections rather than log entries). So, moment to moment changes--eeesh, who has that kind of attention span. Then, I remember, I sort of email Amber quite a few times a day to see what she's up to at any moment and have done a fair amount of real-time Buffy emailing. So maybe I just need to change platforms. I generally prefer the process of end of day reflections. But I have to say, it is kind of fun to follow my friends' goings on since I'm not with them. I am sort of thinking of twittering "I'm not as ASA" status updates. At least I have dibs on a Scatterplot ribbon. Did you know that sociological big wigs and chairs wear ribbons? We should have Klingon/beauty queen sashes at AALS, or maybe those Gilbert and Sullivan gold arm bands and epaulets that the late Justice Rehnquist wore (designed himself) to the impeachment trials.

For some reason, I think that twittering the AALS would be either really boring or really stressful to read, or both. And for some reason, I cannot imagine any of the big blogging profs twittering, and it's not for lack of technological skillz, but rather that they have bizarre conceptions of "privacy." I joke, I joke.