Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Thing: I Un-Ironically Like

I think I have found my Thursday Thing! The possibilities are endless!

Today, I shall admit that I un-ironically like Phil Collins. Here's my favorite song:

It is just so gaudy and awesome. It is the perfect song for heartbreak, because it is just so fucking emo before emo was ever invented. And WTF is Phil Collins doing in a tux. Check out those drums! The bizarre vignettes of some '80s adventure/romantic drama you never saw with a surprisingly hot Jeff Bridges, and a way, way hot Rachel Ward, of 'The Thornbirds" fame. I keep insisting to people that if they liked "The Thornbirds," they'd like The Letters of Abelard and Heloise, but no one takes me up on that. Anyway, for all those reasons and more, today I admit, loudly and proudly, that I un-ironically like Phil Collins.

And don't laugh, but this song helped instill in me a sense of social and economic distributive justice:

And when I was little, this song helped teach me what love means, for adults:

And I always thought this was love would be like, or at least that was the thought running through my ten year old head:

But I never really understood what this song meant. I suppose I never will: