Monday, July 14, 2008

Random Roundup

1. Is this satire? Does satire require a critical mass of people who get that it's satire? Is this good satire?

2. Professors: do NOT do this. This really creeps me out.

3. Tim Wu on property rights.

4. In-groupism and discourse on the internet.

5. The only Stanley Fish NYT Op-Ed column that I don't totally hate and scorn. Mainly because Fish made a name for himself as a Miltonist, before he got involved with topics in which he's not really qualified and then decided to become a "public intellectual."

6. This article is only mildly stupid and perhaps even charming for its obvious statements shrouded in economics, but the by-line just makes me think of the anti-evolution movie.

7. This is a better article. Sociology, word. See also, this.

8. Tim Burke on frames of persuasion.