Thursday, July 31, 2008

random roundup, part II

1. Academic Conference Bingo! Sociologists at ASA, play along here.

2. I never played much Scrabulous on Facebook, because I have other methods of procrastination at which I suck much less. But I found law prof Mike Madison's and budding sociologist Dan Hirschman's takes on the copyright infringement issue to be very interesting.

3. I was quite plain until the age of 18. And even after the glasses, braces, and baby fat came off, things didn't really improve until I discovered makeup, running and better fitting clothes. Hotness is not the first quality that comes to mind when I think of my cosmic CV. So, I do not understand the "serene assurance" of Pretty Girls who consider admiration to be their God-given due.

4. Should murdering liberals be a hate crime? Even I say no.

5. Yet another dangerous thing to play while drinking: The Ignorance Game.