Thursday, July 17, 2008

links of irritation and discomfort

1. Besides the abominable cover, another offensive part of this week's New Yorker is this article. WTF is the point of this asinine report? Blah blah, the "talk of the town"--in this case, Upper West Side or whatever the bourgie part is. Occasionally I am reminded of the insularity of the New York literary glitterati, and how fucking annoying it is that they all attend the same banal parties and write about each other. And then I get all sanctimonious and want to go out and keep it real, however one does that when one is a reader of The New Yorker and writes in the first person while referring to oneself in the third.

2. Ewwww. I know that my revulsion towards consensual, non-reproductive incest makes no sense if I was only worried about genetic mutations or rape--which means that my opprobrium is morality-based. I guess I will make a non-logical argument that it is just wrong, and I can't get around that.

3. Kieran Healy on yet another case of norm enforcement. See also. I always make the joke that queues are downright un-American and too Old World for a nation of instant gratification in the age of online shopping, but I stand in plenty of lines. And I do get really, really mad when people cut in the line. There shall be a reckoning; the first shall be last and the last shall be first and the cutters-in shall be shot.

4. Blah blah, there is nothing wrong with marrying well, but this is just awful. While it does say that you should be smart as well as hot in order to attract a billionaire, I wish the article would give business planning tips to female entrepreneurs trying to attract venture capital and angel investors in order to make their own billions.

5. Stop seeing T.R. through McCain's eyes! WTF! Eric Rauchway sets you, er, Matt Yglesias, straight.