Tuesday, June 24, 2008

That was hilarious! When I was 14!

Whatever happened to Mike Myers? Look at this damning review of "The Love Guru." And this one. I just can't bear it.

I loved Mike Myers' movies in the '90s. I figured the Shrek movies (not my thing, but YMMV) were his attempt to expand to the family movie demographic, which is lame but lucrative (and I have seen every f'ing cartoon and family movie ever made due to my nine nephews and nieces). But how far have the mighty fallen from Wayne's World (I, II), So I Married an Axe Murderer, some of the most awesome skits from SNL, the first Austin Powers...

Sigh. What happened to you, comedy hero of my childhood? (although he is going to be in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? Hmm....)

Then again, I haven't seen those movies since they came out. Maybe they are not as funny as I thought. I have to watch them again. Sometimes I will insist that TD watch my "favorite movie ever," only to find that it was really funny when I was 14, but admittedly, not so much now that i am 27. Although it's not like my sense of humor has become that much more refined or less juvenile. What is it about the movies of our youth that we thought were hi-larious, only to find ourselves chuckling rather ruefully at the incontrovertible evidence of the passage of time, the changing of tastes, the inexorable decay of our senses of humor?

All to ask: what movies did you think were funny as a kid/teenager, only to realize "OMG that sux" now?

I nominate, for myself: Mrs. Doubtfire.