Monday, June 30, 2008

Crime/Mystery Book Recommendations?

I love Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle. But I've read them. Well, I haven't read ACD for a while, and not all of it, so I could read more of that. But I'm looking for new blood.

Suggestions? TD let me borrow Henning Menkell, and I really hated Faceless Killers. I thanked him, congratulated him on his otherwise good taste and for otherwise being a wonderful person, and told him "this sucks." So I am looking for less of a criminal procedural, more of a real good ol' fashioned mystery. I like the Victorian ghost stories and mysteries for a reasons. Wilkie Collins was way colonial, but good. H. Rider Haggard the same, and that'd more of an adventure yarn than mystery, and I don't even normally like adventure yarns.

So, any suggestions for one who loves a good mystery full of (good) plot, intrigue, intricate stories and suspenseful writing?

Next post: your favorite '90s songs and albums, revisited. I am re-visiting my Lilith Fair days and remembering how much I love that Sarah McLachlan/Sheryl Crow/Tracy Chapman.