Wednesday, May 28, 2008

now this is TMI

Really, I'm not that bad, folks. At least, not compared to others. We were first introduced to Lena Chen in this article in the NYT, in which Ms. Chen debated sexual morality with the president of the Harvard Anscombe Society, aka chastity club. Amber blogged about it here.

Now, I am all for sex-positive, liberal feminism (and neither pre- nor post-feminist, as feminism is a continuum and not merely historically contingent), but...eeeeesh. And, ew. Yes, fellow sex-positive liberal feminists, both male and female, this is why you shouldn't do sex blogging. There are other ways to empower yourself and own your body and sexuality and demand an end to the double standard of sexual morality. Just, you know, not so publicly and certainly not so graphically. And really, while the personal may be political, I'm kind of sticking to my more policy-oriented focus on increasing access to contraceptives (especially for teenagers), the HPV vaccine (especially for teenagers), and the right to choose (for everyone, but yes, for teenagers without parental consent). But uh, I suppose there are other ways of going about this.

In other news, This Dude posts an Emily Gouldish essay about being unemployed in the Washington Post, but no boudoir pics and it's kind of boring, unless you're interested in employment issues like I am. But the writing, it is not snappy. He just comes off as emo. But, I'll cautiously posit, without betraying my sisters, that 'tis better to be considered emo than slutty. Ack, the double standard. I'm sorry--I didn't come up with it!

Update: An example of male sex blogging! Yeah, still bad. And more emo than anything, still. Don't do this at home. It makes for bad writing and rather useless insights, if they may be called that.