Wednesday, May 28, 2008

have passport, will travel

Well, I dug my passport out of the family safe. Apparently, it doesn't expire until Jan. 2009! So, should I renew it now, or keep it handy and renew it around December, when I probably won't travel anywhere due to finals and Christmas break?

I never had occasion to drag it out before--see, supra, impoverished childhood under strict parents, etc. I just never got out of the country in college or law school. I have one of those sad passports with no stamps, and a terrible, terrible picture of me at 17, when I didn't wear any makeup at all and look, therefore, all of 12 years old.

So yes, your poor Belle, while certainly cosmopolitan and worldly in other ways, is woefully untraveled. I backed out of LSA 2007 in Berlin because there was no way I could afford it, and didn't go this year to Montreal. But no, never have I had that slutty tour through Europe in my wild college days, and never have I even gone to Mexico. Or Canada! Dude, what kind of wuss has never been to Canada?! Time to change all that! I have made rationalizations before about blah blah traveled the world through my eyes and ears with books and music blah blah, but you know that's a bunch of hooey.

Where do you suggest a newbie like me travel? TD is incredibly well-traveled and the type that goes off the beaten path, eschewing tours and even guidebooks. Like, whatev. Give me some suggestions for cheap, relatively safe, travels. I don't usually have more than a week off, though. And TD certainly doesn't. Where would be a fun, interesting compromise for an intrepid adventurer and a timid first time traveler?

I disprefer boring resort places. I like places full of history and visual interest. I like to move about and hike and tour. I do not just sit in the hotel, or heaven forbid, a cruise ship or resort thing in a cabana, I believe it is called. I do not travel in search of night life, since that usually means clubbing, which you can do anywhere and is just as lame anywhere, except with different pervy guys rubbing against you (perhaps it is more fun for men, I don't know). I can imagine one night at a discotheque would be a fun, interesting experience because it will be in different accents. But I prefer the ancient bibliotecas. Suggestions need not be for the immediate upcoming season--travel tips are always welcome. I am ready for adventure.